More than a job

by Sherine Poulsen

I just wanted to share my deepest and sincerest condolences to the family of this amazing woman.

I first met Doris when I was 15 years old through a friend at school who was working with their foster daughter who had disabilities. Unfortunately a tragedy happened not long after and my friend was killed in an horrific accident. Through that tragedy something amazing happened. Doris took a chance on me a young inexperienced teenager and hired me to work with her foster daughter. She taught me more than just about my job duties. She taught me patience, empathy, kindness and never to doubt or give up on myself. She was one of the kindest, generous and hospitable woman I have ever met.

Her and Jim were always welcoming people into their home for a meal and a visit whether it was family, friends or strangers. I remember her famous homemade soups and bread cooked on the wood stove! I enjoyed getting to know her family and spending time with some of her grandchildren! I felt like I was part of this big extended family.

I will be eternally grateful for the beautiful memories I have because of this wonderful woman and her family. Also for igniting in me a passion to help and serve others. RIP Doris you will be forever in my heart.