My name is Naomi, I’m from Canada but I live in Slovakia. Almost Bananas is where I share about life in Slovakia, from recipes to traditions to places worth visiting. You’ll also find my more adventurous recipes, especially those related to foraging, fermenting, and offal.Family photo of us in traditional Slovak dress

Fun fact: I started the blog when my twins were a year and a half, and thus the name: Almost Bananas = almost crazy.

Slovakia is a beautiful country but tends to get left out of the travelogues. I admit, before I met my Slovak husband, I didn’t even know where it was.

At Almost Bananas, you’ll be able to virtually travel to Slovakia, and see the local flavour of this hidden gem of a country. And, of course, you can find more info about this country whether planning a trip in person or if you already live here.

You can also re-create Slovak food in your own home. To start with, I put together a free e-cookbook of 10 Slovak recipes for you. For those worried about gluten, they are all either gluten-free or have gluten free variations.

Get the book (and get notified of new posts) here: 10 Slovak Recipes: a free ebook of comfort food

Growing up in the middle of nowhere Canada, I was exposed to another culture from the get go, in a time and place that wasn’t yet so multicultural. Having a father from Japan meant that we were as likely to have miso soup and rice for breakfast as eggs and bacon, kimonos hung in the closet, and I watched Totoro as a kid. At the same time, we had a farm outside of a small town, played Scottish airs at family gatherings, and lived off the grid.

This early introduction to another culture other than the surrounding one gave me an appreciation for traditions from all parts of the world. I’m honoured to be a voice for Slovakia in the English speaking world.

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