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Articles by me

Navigating the minefield of Slovak drinking etiquette in Roads & Kingdoms

Service with a Smile? in Unmapped Mag, on customer service in Slovakia

Winter in the Rockies in Unmapped Mag, full of nostalgic memories of a hillbilly kid

Opinions for the Slovak Spectator. Here’s the full list, including

Varenie & Pečenie, June 2017 (print)

Slovak Christmas and Glowing Cemeteries for Jednota Newspaper

Lendak, Slovakia: a mix of old and new for Slovo z Britskej Kolumbie newsletter


Spectacular Slovakia Podcast:

An Expat in Slovakia, on The Expat Mummy blog, about beginning life in a new country

Kitndo, a platform for keeping in touch with cultural roots, asks about sharing culture with children

Familia, a Slovak TV series featuring the whole family. In Slovak.

Japonská Kanaďanka nekupuje cukor, darčeky má od Ježiška a pri -40°C chodí v mokasínach (Japanese Canadian doesn’t buy sugar, has gifts from Baby Jesus, and walks in moccasins in -40°C) in Dennik N blog. In Slovak.

Abroad Podcast, episode 037 where we talk things expat

The Real Food Whole Health Podcast, episode 09, Amy and I discuss eating real food in a new country and more

Expat Focus, on challenges and benefits of living in a different country

For other blogs

Recipes and articles for Holistic Squid, here’s the full list, including

Are you sitting down? Why you shouldn’t be for Kitchen Stewardship

How to butcher a pig like a Slovak for Englishman in Slovakia

Slovak Sunday Bone Broth Soup for And Here We Are

Recipes for Whole New Mom

Creamy Chicken Paprikash for The Nourishing Gourmet