How to support Almost Bananas

My dear reader,

In the first place, I want to thank you for taking the time to read Almost Bananas. You’re the reason I have a blog at all.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I have no ads on the blog. I want Almost Bananas to be a space of beauty, a place to rest away from blinking ads trying to sell you the last item you’ve searched.

At the same time, the blog has a practical side. Domain and hosting cost money, as well as other improvements I would like to make here. And it takes a lot of time – editing photos, writing stories, spreading the word – all which take hours away from my family or paid work.

I would be honoured if you found the blog worth supporting. At present, there are two ways you can do this. One is to buy the ebook A Bowl of Comfort: Slovak Soups & Stews, which some of you have done. Thank you.

The second way is to donate, a goodwill sign of appreciation. I have no gift in return above what you can already read on the blog. The amount is up to you – every dollar is appreciated. You can donate through Paypal, a safe way to use your credit card of choice.

Thank you for reading and supporting this venture,