Our Family Favourite Ferment: Cauliflower

Our Family Favourite Ferment: Cauliflower
I realize that I have a proportionately high number of recipes with cauliflower, like Garlicky Cauliflower Medallions and Bibimbap. In those recipes cauliflower is a substitute (flour, rice); in this recipe, cauliflower shines as itself. Click to continue reading

Mixed Halva Treats

Sesame Sunflower Halva Treat 4

My most distinct memory of halva (or halvah) is from my college roommate. She was always excited when her family managed to buy some at the market and bring it to her, particularly the halva with chocolate swirls. And she was generous enough to share it with her roommates – actually, her family was very generous with their fridge stockings and it’s largely due to them that I didn’t waste away to nothing. I can still see her, framed by the cupboards between the kitchen and living room, opening the fridge door in great anticipation for that chocolate swirl halva. Click to continue reading

Orange Walnut Cardamom Balls

orange walnut cardamom balls

Despite the abundance of walnut trees in Slovakia, both feral and domestic, walnuts are still a precious commodity. Cracking the shells by hand is tedious and difficult work. Once I cleaned a couple kgs of walnuts to sell; by the end the tips of my fingers were reduced to shreds. At least, that’s what it felt like.
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