Mixed Halva Treats

Sesame Sunflower Halva Treat 4

My most distinct memory of halva (or halvah) is from my college roommate. She was always excited when her family managed to buy some at the market and bring it to her, particularly the halva with chocolate swirls. And she was generous enough to share it with her roommates – actually, her family was very generous with their fridge stockings and it’s largely due to them that I didn’t waste away to nothing. I can still see her, framed by the cupboards between the kitchen and living room, opening the fridge door in great anticipation for that chocolate swirl halva.

Sesame Sunflower Halva Treats 1

Havla is a traditional sweet in many countries across the globe and there are as many variations. The most well known in North America is halva from sesame seeds. When I tried to mix a ‘healthy’ version of sesame and honey, however, the sesame left a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

From my Belorussian sister in law, I also tasted Russian halva, made from sunflower seeds. I like sunflower seeds, really, but these were just too…sunflowery. Mixing the two together, however, balances it all out: the sesame cuts the too-sunflowery taste, while the sunflowers mellow the sesame bitterness.

And my version is super quick, easy, and healthy to boot – no boiling of honey or suger till the perfect consistency is reached, no refined sugar, no fancy pancy anything, just pure delightful taste.

Sesame Sunflower Halva Treats 2

Mixed Halva Treats

1/2 cup (100g/3.5oz) sesame seeds
3/4 cup (65g/2.3oz) sunflower seeds (preferably soaked and dehydrated)
1/4 cup (42g/1.5oz)(raw)honey
1 tsp (5ml) coconut oil/butter/ghee

In a blender or mini food processor, process sesame seeds until a coarse meal. Add sunflower seeds and process until a course meal. Add honey and fat of choice (it stops it from being too sticky), process until well mixed.
You can roll individual balls or, more quickly, gather the ‘dough’ together onto a cutting board. Shape into a rectangle by hand and cut squares. These will stay soft, so probably would not be the best buried in a backpack (although maybe a small container and a spoon?). Enjoy!

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