Zaruby (highest point in the Small Carpathians)

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Behind Smolenice runs a part of the Carpathian Mountains, the Small Carpathians. As seen in this picture from the town, I’m often surprised at how much difference a little elevation can make to the appearance of winter. Behind those hills is Zaruby, the highest point of the Small Carpathians at 768 m (2519 feet) elevation.

Last weekend my husband packed all four kids in the car to go visit Babicka (Grandma) while I had the luxury of meeting up with two women to go for a hike, Julia (Yulia) and Julie, of the blog Wish I Were Here(go check it out, seriously, she writes travel memoirs in the most lovely evocative style). We started at the castle, where the pond above is located.

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Ramps (or ramsons) are starting to come out. The leaves taste exactly like raw garlic and soon the forest floor will be lushly carpeted in garlic scented green.

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As we got higher, the hike winds through gnarled trees and rocky outcrops, weird and barren but beautiful. It took us about two hours to get to the top at a decent pace. I was pleasantly surprised that I had made it up a number of years ago at seven months pregnant, for the trail is rather steep. A larger one of those rocky outcrops denotes the peak, where stands a black cross and a book to sign. From the actual peak there isn’t much of a view, but a view north is to be had just behind and a bit below the peak. Or rather, I should say a potential view, as the air was quite hazy. Tucked in behind on the north side, a few small patches of snow still lingered, surprising as in town we only had one or two dustings all winter.

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We then followed the ridge across to Havranica, lower down but with a rock wall. Two pairs of climbers were shaking out the winter inactivity of their ropes; above them we took in the hazy view.

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There’s Smolenice castle, again. A short jaunt down through the forest and we found ourselves back full circle at the castle. A beautiful hike with friendly people in gorgeous weather – a perfect Saturday!

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