Bone Broth Slovak Sunday Soup


Bone Broth Slovak Sunday Soup

This soup makes an appearance every Sunday at my mother in law’s, and now at my house. The clear broth is made with bones, but there is a secret to making sure that the broth stays clear and not cloudy! We call it Sunday soup, although in Slovak it doesn’t really have a name, just ‘soup.’ The broth warms the stomach, aids digestion for the meal to follow, and provides a host of nutrients. It also appears as the first course at weddings and any celebratory occasion when people eat together.  

Sitting down and eating together seems like a fading tradition, but is an important part of developing connections with family and friends. I wax nostalgic about getting together with family as a child in Canada, and relate about getting together with my husband’s family as an adult in Slovakia. What are some of the differences? What is the same? Find out, along with the recipe for Sunday soup, at And Here We Are, a lovely blog that writes about real food and travel.

P.S. The tablecloth in the photo was thread pulled by hand. Each of those little holes was hand stitched around the hole. The work involved blows me away; they don’t make tablecloths like that anymore.

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Slovak Sunday Soup made with Bone Broth