(Cauliflower) Temaki: Fast and Easy Sushi Hand Rolls


Sushi, while delicious, can take a long time to make – not so great for a crowd or hungry family. Temaki, sushi hand rolls, is an easy and fast way to serve sushi. Temaki is especially suited to cauliflower sushi because they don’t need to hold themselves together, just roll up and eat!

Temaki: Easy Sushi for a Crowd

Slovak food is delicious but tends toward the heavy side: sausages, potatoes, various breads. It’s comfort food at it’s most cozy. (I recently started a Pinterest board of Slovak Food which is perfect as the weather cools, go join it now, or even better, just follow me on Pinterest!)

When I was pregnant with my first, I remember craving the Japanese comfort foods of my childhood, like miso soup, soba noodles, and sushi. I distinctly remember a night in January when all I wanted was watermelon and soba, but neither were to be found.

Temaki: Easy Sushi for a Crowd

This easy way of serving sushi is often how we ate sushi at home. The large sheet of nori is cut into four and each person chooses their own fillings and folds the sushi in their hand. It’s basically buffet style – put everything on the table and let each person make it themselves.

Easy. Fast. Delicious. Healthy. My kind of cooking.

Find out how to make temaki, over at Whole New Mom

p.s. You can, of course, make it with ordinary sushi rice instead of cauliflower.

Temaki: Easy Sushi for a Crowd