June 2015 Photos

I’m starting a new series with photos from the month that didn’t warrant a whole post but that I wanted to share anyway. I’ve shared some on Instagram but my new phone requires more work to put up a big camera photo, and therefore I get them up less.

This month I actually have photos since the end of April, so there are some spring ones in there as well.

Gaming, Austria
Sunrise on the former monastery in Gaming, Austria.

Mystery Flower
Despite looking like lilacs, these lilac coloured flowers were growing singly in my sister in law’s lawn. I have no idea what they are, but I saved them from the lawnmower.

Spring Leaves

Children dancing6-IMG_2870
Children lined up in folk costume for the Maypole dance.

Maypole dancing
Maypoling up a storm.

Black Locust Blossoms
Black Locust Blossoms. They are edible and I had wanted to share a recipe with you. The first recipe didn’t quite work (due to me leaving it too long in the fridge) and the blossoms were over before I had a chance to try my second recipe idea. Next year.

Jewish Cemetery
An abandoned Jewish cemetery, ironically right across the road from…

Old Communist sign
An old Communist sign still proclaiming its faded message “United fight and work for Socialism” with the then Czechoslovak flag.

I’ve walked this path hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Always be ready to see something ordinary in a new light.

The other side.

Waiting Poppy

More photos are on my Flickr account, for enthusiasts.

Which was your favourite picture?