Sitting: The Silent Killer

sitting the silent killer

It sounds like an exaggeration, that sitting is killing us. But it’s true. Studies have demonstrated over and over again, that sitting is bad for our health, from increasing cardiovascular  disease to impairing the  utilization of fats properly.

From sitting, you say? Yes, it was surprising to me too.

And even if you get in your half hour (or more) of exercise a day, it doesn’t undo the negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time.

I know many are like my husband. Drive to work, sit in an office, drive home. As much as he would like to, he can’t just up and change his job, so he has to look for other ways to break up sitting times and incorporate more movement into his whole day, even though he already runs in the evening.

I’m honoured to have a guest post over at Kitchen Stewardship, where I enumerate the ways sitting is bad for you and give a bunch of ideas on other positions you can use throughout the day, like at meal times and at the computer.

Go check it out – your life may depend on it!

Sitting: The Silent Killer