July Photos

I started a monthly series where I share photos from the month that didn’t garner their own post. June was the first month, here is the second.

Leaves in Shadow

Plant Harvesting with Combines

Concrete pole
An example of concrete telephone/electrical poles.

Harvesting with Combines
Whenever combines are harvesting, a firetruck is sitting on standby in case a fire starts.

Harvesting with Combines
Lada, a Russian car. Every town has signs with the name as you enter, with a red line as you exit, to show town limits. This is particularly for driving – unless otherwise posted, within the town the speed limit is 50km/hr, without is 90km/hr, and on highways 130km/hr.

Grey skiesSmolenice Castle
Smolenice castle under threat of a storm.

Summer fun
Summer fun with cousins, trampolines, and swimming.

Slovak Village
Not particularly beautiful, but a classic example of a small village. Plots of land are generally long and narrow with big gardens.

Rain on Roof
Much needed rain.



Beautiful Weed

A few more photos on my Flickr account

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