Spice Cookies (AIP Paleo, GAPS) nut, grain and egg free

These spice cookies are perfect for dunking in tea (if you can’t dunk them in milk). These are very allergy friendly, without gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, or eggs.

AIP Paleo Spice Cookies

Eveyone knows there are 12 days of Christmas, but did you know that they start on Christmas day? Meaning that today is the 5th day of Christmas.

For me this works out well – I had a whole list of goodies I wanted to make gifts with and it didn’t get done before Christmas actually happened. I’ve been planning to make gingerbread houses as well, and, well, that hasn’t happened yet either.

But the good thing is that there are still 7 days of Christmas left. “Merry 10th day of Christmas…here is your Christmas gift. I’m not late, really.”

Even if you’re not like me and did all your Christmas baking before the 25th, you’ll want to try these cookies, especially if you aren’t able to eat many foods. They are dry, almost shortbread like.

AIP Paleo? GAPS? Can’t eat eggs, gluten, nuts? Gotcha covered.

AIP Paleo and GAPS are two healing diets that have fairly restricted food variety starting out. If you eat either of those diets, at the bottom of my recipe page you can choose only recipes that are friendly to that particular eating style, like (Cauliflower) Temaki, Apricot Shortbread Crisp, or Sweet Beef Heart Curry.

They do have coconut. I mean, they have to be made from something. But, instead of coconut flour, I use another form of coconut. Check out the recipe over at Whole New Mom!